About Muuchit

Muuchit [Moo-chit] is a marketplace platform enabling non-profits, local businesses, and individuals to list and monetize their spaces and event-related items, and connecting them to event and meeting hosts seeking unique and affordable options.

Our mission is to make connections for good, and our vision is to make a positive impact in our communities and society by generating donations through every transaction in our marketplace; our core value is to “be of service.”

Founded in 2017, Muuchit began as a sharing economy marketplace, and evolved into a social enterprise with a business model to raise funds, support, and awareness for mission-led organizations aligning to our core values. Through our platform, we have generated more supporters, volunteers, and funding for local mission-based organizations.

Every transaction on Muuchit benefits a non-profit!

We created an opportunity for non-profits, small businesses, and individuals to supplement income and bridge fundraising gaps using the sharing economy.

Muuchit provides a platform for local businesses, charities, and individuals to list and monetize their spaces and event-related items, and gives meeting organizers a resource to book affordable venues and event items while supporting a meaningful local initiative.

Businesses and individuals pledge a portion of their rental revenues on Muuchit to a mission-led organization, and non-profit providers receive all rental proceeds with no listing fee.

Event and meeting hosts can now curate socially impactful events by selecting venues benefiting a special cause. Our goal it to foster sustainability, while supporting communities through raising awareness and funding for mission-based organizations aligning to our core values.

We are currently in the South Florida region, with plans to expand to other communities soon!

Join our movement by renting, listing, and nominating your non-profit to benefit from our social enterprise.

We foster mutual benefit, so Muuchit for good!